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Revus Top_News_Table on Efficacy of fungicides

Efficacy of fungicides for the control of early blight caused by Alternaria solani and Alternaria alternata. Updated 18 February 2016.

Product – active ingredient with effect on A. solaniEfficacy
Revus Top - difenoconazole(1)●●●
Amistar - azoxystrobin(2)●●●○
Ridomil Gold MZ Pepite - mancozeb(3)●●
Consento - fenamidone(2)●●

Key to ratings : 0 = no effect ;  = some effect;  ●● =reasonable effect ; ●●● = good effect ; ●●●● very good effect

  1. 1 In some trials there were indications that the rating was +++(+).
  2. 2 Alternaria solani isolates that are less sensitive to QoI-fungicides have been isolated from potato plants in Europe. Therefore resistance management strategies should be implemented (see FRAC web site for details).
  3. 3 This rating applies to products containing mancozeb when used at the highest dose rates (>1500g/ha). This rating may not be appropriate where the rate of mancozeb used is lower, particularly where the second active substance is not effective against Alternaria.